About the "Pathways to the Mind" Reading Program from Learning Press LLC




Learning Press LLC offers customized programs for children grades k-7. Our students have difficulty learning how to read through traditional methods. They need to be taught in a way that teaches to their strengths. Our program is designed to ensure every child reaches their full potential and develop strategies they can use throughout their academic studies.


K-1 Reading Level

An introduction into the world of literacy including letter sound relationships, phonemic awareness skills-word awareness, blending, sound isolation, syllable, rhyme, writing in response to reading, vowel emphasis, b and d confusion, sight word recognition, beginning reading, listening and reading comprehension, writing in response to reading.


Through the use of imagery our students learn the meaning of sounds.  The kids will move through the process of learning to  read and write with enjoyment, confidence and the desire to work towards becoming a stronger reader and writer.


2-3 Reading Level

Students are encouraged to continue their development of literacy skills through decoding instruction, comprehension instruction and writing practice. Skills and strategy coaching in these areas of literacy include phonic knowledge, word patterns, chunking and word attack; using before, during and after reading strategies such as previewing, predicting and visualizing, making inferences, summarizing and self-monitoring.


Through the use if imagery the kids will continue to develop good reading and writing habits in an environment that allows practice of targeted skills and strategies while also encouraging their continued use in school and home.

4-5 Reading Level

The continued use of learning strands including seeing, hearing, tactile and kinesthetic (for example letters can be written in the air.) Students will learn syllabic, morphemic, syntactic, grammatical structures of language and writing. Instruction includes integrative practices that involve reading, spelling and writing together.  We stress language patterns that determine word order and sentence structure and the meaning of words and phrases.